What Are the Responsibilities of an MDS Coordinator?


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The responsibilities of a Minimum Data Set coordinator include conducting periodic interviews with the family members and patients of a nursing facility or residential hospice to determine the patient's current mental and physical state in order to develop a custom treatment plan. This can include designating care from other medical professionals, tracking the progress of the treatment and developing new plans to ensure the highest level of health.

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The term Minimum Data Set refers to an aspect of federal regulations that cover the methods for evaluating patients in long-term care facilities, which includes a series of tests to monitor vital statistics and record physical condition as well as collecting information about mood and behavior from relatives and direct observation. A Minimum Data Set coordinator catalogs all of this information and may also need to create reports if the patient is receiving care from a federal aid program.

The primary focus on the position is to use all of the data to develop a comprehensive treatment plan for the patient that address all physical, mental and emotional needs. This can include directing a dietitian to develop a special meal plan, setting weekly time with a physical therapist, mandating psychology visits and working with doctors to choose the correct medication. The coordinator also needs to track the efficacy of the treatment over time and make the necessary adjustments to ensure the best results.

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