What Are the Responsibilities of a Marine Biologist?

responsibilities-marine-biologist Credit: Jeff Rotman/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Marine biologist have a wide variety of job responsibilities that involve studying all aspects of ocean life. In this position, a biologist conducts scientific research involving biochemistry, biology, eco-systems, pathology, parasitology and knowledge of reproduction. An important job requirement is the ability to create and analyze data. Some positions require marine biologists to spend time identifying and cataloguing a variety of oceanic species and share research results in written reports.

Another aspect of a marine biology job is to use accumulated research to assist with environmental management and planning. For instance, a marine biologist may act as a consultant on a sea expedition studying how whales impact the marine ecosystem. A similar job may entail classifying groups of whales and analyzing their group behavior. Some biologists study the impact of pollution and disease on sea creatures. Marine biologists conduct experiments when necessary to come up with usable data to find solutions to marine problems.

Typical career choices for a marine biologist include marine zoologist, marine biologist, wildlife biologist, animal behaviorist, oceanographer assistant, marine biochemist, fisheries manager, merchant marine, lab technician, commercial diver and research assistant. Employers include universities, colleges, environmental companies or organizations, government agencies, the military, zoos, parks, fisheries, medical laboratories and research institutes.