What Are the Responsibilities of a Hospital Housekeeper?

Hospital housekeepers are charged with the responsibility of maintaining a clean and sterile environment. They provide support services to hospital departments and equipment and machinery maintenance in order to adhere to safety and health regulations. Their job entails a certain amount of time performing general physical activities, because they must push a vacuum cleaner and operate other tools used in this job. Moreover, they must bend, crouch and stoop in order to wash bed frames and disinfect and sanitize other hospital equipment, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Hospital housekeepers clean nursing rooms, patients' areas, administrative blocks, laboratories and public places in the hospital. They disinfect hospital wards and floors using specialized agents to prevent the circulation of infectious diseases. They are responsible for pest control and fumigation services in health facilities. They maintain windows, curtains and doors to give the hospital a good appearance.

The hospital housekeepers clean and replenish linen fabrics used in the hospital. Other aspects of linen management involve the collection, washing, mending and folding of gowns, beddings and towels. They discard any old linen materials that are deemed surplus to requirement. They report to hospital supervisors on the linen inventory to enable replacements and disposals.

Hospital housekeepers coordinate ward services in catering, transport and maintenance. They work closely with service departments to ensure that meals are delivered on time to patients and hospital staff. Hospital housekeepers repair plumbing and electrical faults in the hospital to ensure that the hospital is safe according to state regulations. They also review infection-control guidelines in the hospital to ensure conformity with health standards.