How to Respond to the Question "What Interests You About This Job"?

To answer a question on what interests him about a job, a candidate should discuss the job requirements and relate how his qualifications are suitable for the position. He must demonstrate his enthusiasm for the job and his ability to work efficiently if hired.

Other common interview questions include questions about one's past achievements in a similar position, reasons for leaving one's past position, and one's salary expectations. When asked questions about himself, a candidate must not share details about his personal life; he should give an overview of his professional objectives. To answer a question about one's reasons for leaving his past employer, an interviewee must never speak negatively about his past co-workers or bosses. Instead, he should give genuine reasons for leaving his last employment, such as an uncertain financial future at the organization.

To answer a direct question on what assures him of success in the new position, an individual should give an answer that relates his past achievements to the job. Such answers must describe the challenges he faced and how he applied his skills to overcome them and succeed. A candidate must anticipate questions on his salary expectations and prepare a specific answer before the interview.