How Do You Respond Politely to Customer Complaints?


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Respond politely to a customer complaint by acknowledging the validity of the feelings and offering a sincere apology for any inconvenience as a result of the matter. Provide as much explanation as possible about the cause of the issue and ask what you can do to resolve the matter satisfactorily, including an initial offer in-line with company policies.

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Creating polite responses to a customer compliant begins by refraining from making any retaliatory statements, and instead attempting to understand why the customer is complaining in the first place. In most cases, the complaint includes a description of a situation that precipitated the message, which may not actually be the company's fault or may be the direct result of a larger issue affecting other customers. In all cases, the response needs to begin by acknowledging the customer's feelings in order to establish a level of understanding for the problem, which helps diffuse any aggressive behavior or language.

The response needs to feature professional language that does not place blame on the customer, but does clearly explain the cause of the situation and what the company is doing to resolve it. If the customer's own actions caused the problem, the response needs to state this after the initial acknowledgement and include the correct actions for the customer to take in the future. It should close by offering the customer something as a sign of the company's understanding for the issue, following company policies on such matters and reflecting the actual nature of the situation.

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