How Do You Respond Nicely to a Complaint Letter?

A nicely worded complaint response letter will include phrases such as “We sincerely apologize for...” or “I would like to apologize for...” because it acknowledges the complaint and expresses ownership of wrongdoing an effective mediation tool. A well-written complaint letter will firstly acknowledge the initial complaint, offer assurances that necessary steps are being taken to remedy the complaint, and doesn't hesitate to offer further assistance and contact information.

Useful expressions to acknowledge the receipt of a complaint include “I refer to your letter of complaint about / relating to...” and “Thank you for your letter of complaint regarding...” If an apology is required because of an error or fault on the company's behalf, phrases such as “I sincerely apologize for” and “Please accept our apologies on behalf of...” are nice opening statements.

Sometimes a complaint letter needs to express regret or reject responsibility for the problem that led to the initial consumer complaint. These can be slightly more difficult to phrase nicely. Phrases such as “While we understand how disappointing it is, I am afraid that...” and “We understand your frustration, but I regret to inform you that...” are some polite methods of articulately rejecting responsibility.

Complaint letters should always be responded to formally, with “Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Name” and closing sentiments such as “Yours sincerely” and “Best regards”.

According to the Better Business Bureau, a well-handled complaint provides businesses with the opportunity to retain customers, improve customer service and satisfaction, and provide a deeper level of transparency. The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota offers training in complaint handling, dispute resolution and customer service skills, designed to help businesses handle complaints in the right manner.