What Are Some of the Most Respected Professions in the World?


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Some of the most respected professions across the world include engineers, college professors, lawyers and judges, professional athletes, chief executive officers and medical professionals. Not only are these professions respected, by they also have an attractive salary or income.

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There are quite a number of good professions around the world but the following are some of the most respected.

  • Medical professionals - these may include surgeons, dentists, opticians and clinical officers. These professionals are highly regarded since they help treat people of illnesses and save lives in case of unfortunate incidents
  • Chief executive officers - these are responsible for managing businesses or large companies. They are highly regarded as they help keep economies running. They are also in charge of other professionals who may hold various qualifications
  • Professional athletes - these include soccer players, basketball players and runners. They participate in world events earning their countries recognition and fame. They are respected as role models throughout the world
  • Lawyers and judges - these are highly regarded because of their mastery of the law. They help in seeking justice for each and every individual of the society
  • College professors - these are charged with the responsibility of imparting knowledge to all and sundry. They are highly esteemed for their knowledge and ability to inspire others to success
  • Engineers - they are responsible for the infrastructure of the world. They come up with unique ideas to help in the world of construction

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