What Are the Most Respected Professions?

The most respected profession in the United States is physician. According to a Harris poll conducted in 2014, 88 percent of Americans view doctors as having some prestige or a great deal of prestige. The intelligence required and the personal connections within the community that doctors maintain both increase the prestige of the profession.

Nursing is also regarded as a highly prestigious profession. Several types of public service work are considered prestigious, including firefighter, police officer, teacher and military officer. Technical professionals are another group that is highly respected. These professions include engineer, scientist and architect. The final profession included in the top 10 most respected professions is minister or clergy member.

The level of respect that each profession commands depends upon several factors. Some professions are highly regarded because of the difficulty of entering the profession and the level of income that the professional earns. Other professions are respected because of the service that they provide to others. Doctors are highly respected because the profession requires a high level of intelligence and doctors are often seen as serving their communities. Other professions, such as engineer or scientist, require a high degree of intelligence, but these professions are not viewed as a service to their communities.