What Are Resources That List Historical Stock Share Prices?


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The websites of certain services such as Google Finance, Yahoo Finance and Nasdaq provide historical stock price data, according to Computer Aided Finance. Similar information is available on websites such as MarketWatch.com, Investopedia.com, DailyFinance.com and EODData.com.

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Yahoo Finance and Nasdaq provide historical stock price data in a downloadable Excel format, explains Computer Aided Finance. In contrast, Google Finance restricts the amount of data that users can download, which limits users to viewing certain information online. Data from Investopedia is not available for download. Unlike the aforementioned providers, EODData furnishes comprehensive downloadable historical pricing data for stocks and stock markets around the world for a fee, according to the company's website.

QuantQuote provides free downloadable historical stock data dating back to 1998, but it only does so for the S&P 500 index, as Caltech's Quantitative Finance Group indicates. The company provides data for other indexes for a fee. Quantquote can customize the data for compatibility with many types of trading software. Other commercial sources of historical stock pricing data include TickData, Compustat, Nasdaq's Nastraq, the New York Stock Exchange's TAQ and the University of Chicago's Center for Research in Security Prices.

In general, commercial historical pricing data tends to be more comprehensive and of higher quality than free data, as Caltech's Quantitative Financial Group explains.

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