What Are Some Resources That Let You Practice for the Basic EMT Test?

What Are Some Resources That Let You Practice for the Basic EMT Test?

Training materials and practice exams for the basic EMT test are available through sites such as Test-Guide.com, EMT-National-Training.com, TopEMTTraining.com and TestPrepReview.com, as of 2015. Each site offers various resources that cover the different aspects of responding to emergency medical situations, ranging from general first aid to resuscitation procedures.

Test-Guide.com offers several different sets of practice tests, and each set includes multiple individual tests that cover specific areas of EMT training such as clearing an obstructed airway or responding to cardiovascular problems. Each practice test includes an interactive Web interface that displays the progress and final results along with a description of the requirements for official certification in that field.

EMT-National-Training.com also offers separate tests for individual areas of EMT training, with each test including an interactive online component that tracks the user's answers. The site also offers online certification for some states and includes several different paid training courses.

TopEMTTraining.com contains resources that explain the different requirements for EMT certification in each state as well as options to enroll in training courses specifically designed to cover topics in the final test. It also offers free practice tests to users who provide a valid email address and name.

TestPrepReview.com provides a study guide that covers the concepts in the EMT-B and EMT-P exams along with practice tests for each version. It also offers information regarding EMT salary and job opportunities following certification.