What Are Some Resources for Getting Work Vacancies?

Recruiter, SimplyHired and Indeed are three online job boards that allow job seekers to sign up for job alerts by email. The automated services require an email address, keywords related to the job and field and, in some cases, a free account.

Recruiter asks users to enter a job or keyword and an email address to set up a job alert; the platform uses the email address provided to create an account, activated by responding to an email. Under the “Job Alert” tab, clients set preferences for location and frequency of the alert and apply filters for eligible listings.

Indeed lets users search by job, keyword and location and set up alerts by entering an email address. After confirming the alert by email, prompts give those looking for vacancies opportunities to upload a resume or download the Indeed mobile app.

Users activate SimplyHired’s job alerts by entering an email into the search page for jobs and keywords by location. Advanced search options allow individuals to set parameters for date posted, the type of company hiring, listings for telecommuting and if the job vacancy comes from a recruiter.