What Resources Are Available to Help People Discover Their Passions?

What Resources Are Available to Help People Discover Their Passions?

Resources that are available to help people discover their passions include the book "Finding Your Element: How to Discover Your Talents and Passions and Transform Your Life" by Ken Robinson and the Passion Test. Naviance, a company that works with schools to help students succeed, offers a career profile interest test that finds a student's strongest interests and provides matching careers.

Sir Ken Robinson, who gave a popular TED talk about sparking children's creativity, wrote "Finding Your Element." The guide book provides techniques, tools and resources that readers can use to find their passions and then use those passions to their full potential.

The Passion Test is a process designed to help people find and focus on their passions. Chris and Janet Bray Atwood developed the Passion Test. It's available in multiple formats, including a book, e-book, online course and teleseminar. The Passion Test also has a certification program, which allows people to become certified in the process and then instruct others. Online content is available on ThePassionTest.com.

School is how many students find their passions, through classes or counselors. Adults who aren't in school can look for college courses that appeal to them, or meet with a career counselor.

One simple way for a person to identify his passions is to think about what he enjoys in life. He can then look for ways to make those passions more of a focus in his life.