What Does a Resignation Email Contain?


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A resignation email needs to include all of the specific details pertaining the employee's departure from the current place of employment. It is recommended to resign from a position in person, followed up by a formal resignation letter. If an email is necessary, it needs to be done as professionally as a formal letter would be.

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The point of a resignation email is to announce in writing the desire to resign from a position. A resignation email does not need to include any criticism of the company, position or management. This is not the proper place to provide said feedback. The more appropriate place for critique would be an exit interview performed by the company's human resources department. Exit interviews do not take place in all work environments, however.

The date on which the employee will be leaving the position is necessary to include in the resignation email. It is professional to stay as positive as possible, which can be done by thanking the employer for the time and experience of working in the current position.

The resignation email will become part of the permanent employee file and must be professional and positive. Anything negative or unprofessional can reflect negatively and might be seen by future employers.

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