How Do You Resign From a Job?


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A person resigning from a job should present a resignation letter to her immediate supervisor. The letter should briefly detail the reason for the resignation and follow any resignation guidelines that are included in the company's policies and procedures manual.

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The resignation letter details why the person is leaving the position or company. The reason given should be written as politely and precisely as possible. The letter should also detail when the resignation goes into effect. It is considered good business sense to give at least two-weeks' notice before leaving a position, so the letter needs to reach the supervisor's hands at the very start of the notice time frame. In some industries, as soon as an employee resigns, she is escorted out of the building. If that is the case, the exiting employee should have all affairs in order and be ready to leave immediately.

In an effort to keep good will flowing while still in the position, the person resigning can offer to help find her replacement. If possible, the exiting employee can also assist with the training of the new employee. Any work that the exiting employee had should either be completed or paused at a good point for the new employee to continue with as little issue as possible.

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