How Do I Resign As a Director of a Limited Company?


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To resign as a director of a limited company, one must fill out a TM01 termination of appointment form and submit it via the mail to Companies House, explains Gov.UK. Alternatively, one can file his termination of directorship online through the Companies House portal.

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The TM01 form requests a range of information including company name, company number, date of resignation, full name of director, date of director's birth and position being resigned from, according to The Company Wizard. Secretaries can also resign using the same method, but they must fill out form TM02 instead. Filing either of these resignation forms is free, but some companies pay a third party to file them on their behalf.

Companies involved in the protected online filing, or PROOF, scheme must submit changes to their companies online rather than through the mail. This scheme aims to protect companies from corporate identity theft, a crime that gets reported to Companies House nearly 50 to 100 times per year, according to Companies House.

When a company joins PROOF, Companies House refuses to accept changes to its registered office address, changes to its officers or its annual returns in paper form. Instead, these changes and forms must be filed online using the special authentication code generated for online filing.

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