What Does a Residential Tenancy Agreement Bind a Landlord To?


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Although laws vary by state, in most cases, landlords are required to provide property that is habitable and includes operating heating, plumbing and electrical systems, according to Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma. Landlords are also required to keep common areas clean and sanitary for residents.

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Landlords must respect the privacy and safety of tenants by providing 24-hour notice to enter the property for repairs or inspections, according to the Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma. A landlord cannot legally lock out a tenant for nonpayment and must follow laws regarding eviction procedures, which often include written notice and a filed lawsuit to formally evict the tenant.

Additional requirements for a landlord must be written into the rental or lease agreement, such as how the security deposit is returned to the tenant once the lease is terminated, according to Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma. A landlord may be required to secure the deposit funds in a separate tenant account and must stipulate deductions for damage, repairs and cleaning once the tenant vacates. Some landlords may provide lawn care or pay for trash removal, although it is not required by law. Fees to the tenant for these services must be stipulated in the lease or rental agreement.

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