Where Do They Get Residential Subdivision Names?


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Real estate developers tend to name subdivisions by using strategies similar to those that new parents use to name babies: they consult lists of popular names, search phone books for inspiration and sometimes name the subdivision after themselves or family members. Some developers choose names to convey certain images.

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The book "Real Estate Subdivisions" was published by Stanley L. McMichael in 1949. Despite its age, this collection of 750 residential subdivision names remains useful to modern developers. It is available online for free as of 2015.

Suggestions in McMichael's book often draw from the natural environment (for example, Mt. Pleasant and Lake View Villas) and sometimes take inspiration from England, with names such as Lincolnshire Court and Hyde Park.

British-sounding names are especially popular because home buyers associate them with high class. A challenge for developers is to create names that sound distinguished yet are not so exclusive that they turn people away. Adding an "e" to the end of words can help accomplish this goal. This is why there are residential subdivision names such as Winterbrooke and Olde Georgetown.

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