What Is Research in Motion's Mission Statement?


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Research In Motion's mission statement is: To provide platforms and solutions for immediate access to email, phone, text messaging, Internet and intranet-based applications. Research In Motion also provides technology that enables third-party developers and manufacturers to enhance their products and services. Research In Motion became Blackberry in 2013.

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Officially called Research In Motion Limited, Research In Motion is now known as Blackberry. The company designs, manufacturers and markets wireless solutions for mobile communications all over the world. Research In Motion, or Blackberry, strives to develop integrated hardware and software and services that support multiple wireless networks and companies.

From its inception, Research In Motion struggled in the mobile market due to a few issues. The company targets fewer customers as part of a niche market, which is risky in such a competitive industry. As a result of the niche market placement, the Blackberry price point is higher than other mobile devices.

The company also develops applications slower than other mobile companies and produces fewer applications. Many of those applications are created solely for the Blackberry. Other mobile companies do not have access to all of the applications, or find that the applications are incompatible, further reducing Blackberry's market. Despite its reputation as a provider of superb technology, Blackberry's overall business model is not carrier-friendly.

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