How Do You Research Assessed Home Values in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania?


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Research Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, assessed home values by navigating to the Allegheny County Real Estate Portal's Perform a Search Web page. Follow the steps to start an assessed real estate value search, as of December 2015.

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Allegheny County real estate can be searched by using either the house address or parcel number. Once you select how you would like to perform your search, fill in the required information. For an address search, provide the street name, house number and the municipality from the pull down menu. To search Allegheny County properties by parcel number, enter the parcel identification number using the format provided on the website.

Property information provided in the search results includes general information, such as school district, tax code, owner code and use code. Click on the tabs at the top of the search results for detailed information about the building, taxes, owner history, property images and comparable properties, among other information.

Allegheny County assessed home values are used to determine a home's property tax. Improvements made to a home may increase the assessed value, and therefore, the property taxes for that home may be higher. Assessed home values do not necessarily reflect the market value of the home. Disagreements about the assessed value of Allegheny County real estate may be settled through an appeal process.

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