What Are the Requirements to Work at a VA Hospital?


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Working at a Department of Veterans Affairs hospital requires experience or an education in the desired field. For simpler jobs, an individual may only need minor knowledge, however; an employee such as a physician or dentist requires a license, registration and doctorate-level education in order to practice. VA hospital opportunities can include anything from office and technical work to diagnosing and caring for patents. Individuals should consult VACareers.VA.gov for detailed requirements on each job.

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In addition to doctors, several other careers at the VA are in high demand and include rehabilitation specialists, financial officers, healthcare management specialists, human resources specialists, and medical technology nurses. Additionally, this department offers training to current employees as well as job opportunities to students and returning military members throughout the United States. Over half of U.S. physicians and nurses received all or part of their training from the VA as of 2015.

The VA serves veterans of military conflicts throughout history, ranging from World War II to Iraqi Freedom. The department divides its responsibilities among three sections: the Veterans Health Administration, Veterans Benefits Administration and National Cemetery Administration. The VA uses advanced equipment to handle many challenging medical cases and works with millions of veterans every year.

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