What Are the Requirements to Work As an Ultrasound Tech?


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The general requirements to work as an ultrasound technician include a degree in sonography, or a certification in the field and a minimum number of work experience or practical hours at a hospital. Other requirements may include registration with a state licensing board, possession of a certification for a specialization, or participation in additional educational programs.

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Though each ultrasound technician job description may include different requirements, depending on the nature of the position and the company offering the job, most begin by stipulating that all applicants hold a degree in sonography from an accredited educational institution. Some employers may also accept applicants that have a certification from an official sonography training program, such as from a community college, or that have training from participation in the military.

In many cases, earning such a degree or certificate requires the applicant to log a minimum amount of practical experience operating a sonogram machine. However, some employers may require applicants to have previous experience working as an ultrasound technician or in a similar medical environment. If the position is for a job performing ultrasound scans on a particular part of the body, such as the abdomen or breasts, then the employer may also require the applicant obtain additional certification in that area. Other requirements can include proficiency in other languages or willingness to work in certain environments, such as a correctional facility or government institution.

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