What Are the Requirements for a Truck Driving Job at UPS?

requirements-truck-driving-job-ups Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

UPS driving positions require the ability to lift and move items up to 70 pounds, pass the Department of Transportation physical and drug test, and drive a manual transmission vehicle. Certain UPS driving positions also require a commercial drivers license and Department of Transportation certifications, such as hazardous materials transportation certification or certification to drive a commercial vehicle with a trailer. In addition to excellent driving skills, UPS drivers must have strong communication and customer service skills.

Drivers must wear UPS uniforms and are required to comply with UPS appearance guidelines. Each driver is provided with and trained to use a delivery information device, which enables a drivers to track and plan daily deliveries. The typical workweek for a full-time driver is Monday through Friday, eight hours or more per day.

UPS hiring is based on a promote-from-within philosophy, so starting in an entry-level position and then moving up to a driving position as positions open is often the protocol. In addition to full-time driving jobs, UPS also has part-time driving positions, such as cover driver for drivers on vacation, and a variety of seasonal openings. According to UPS, the majority of full-time UPS employees overall and full-time UPS drivers originally joined the company in part-time positions.