What Are the Requirements for Straight Truck Driver Jobs?


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While the specific requirements for straight truck driver jobs vary between company and position, most typically involve possession of a valid Class B driver's licence and a minimum level of experience with the vehicle in question. Each company also maintains standards on driving records, specifically the acceptable number of infractions within a given period of time.

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One of the most significant requirements for any straight truck driver job is having the proper licensing to legally operate the vehicle. Most straight trucks require a Class B commercial motor vehicle license, with each state maintaining its own laws and requirements to receive one. Trucking companies frequently check to ensure that each driver not only has a valid license, but that she complies with any provisions on the license, such as wearing corrective lenses. Most company also enforce strict driver safety policies, which require applicants to have no more than a specific number of moving violations or similar infractions, such as less than three tickets.

Some companies also require drivers to submit to criminal background checks to ensure that the applicants pose no risk of breaking the law while under its employment. Additionally, each company requires different amounts of past driving experience depending on the truck and the position. This may appear in the form of a minimum number of years driving or experience with driving in specific conditions.

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