What Are the Requirements for Someone to Start a Halfway House?

Requirements for opening a halfway house include obtaining all necessary permits and licenses, either buying or leasing real estate, renovating the property, hiring staff, and implementing policies, rules and regulations, according to Chron. Proper accounting and bookkeeping should be set up so that the halfway house can remain fully operational and well-funded.

Halfway homes cannot be opened in every community, notes Chron. Should there be zoning restrictions against such establishments, an individual can go before a municipal office to see if the restrictions can be lifted, but such results are not common.

A majority or properties have to be renovated before they can operate as halfway homes and accommodate a large number of residents, according to Chron. If the halfway house is a nonprofit, the owner can request donations of money and services from the local community. Before the halfway house becomes operational, it should be protected with an inclusive insurance policy with additional liability coverage.

It's best to hire staff members who have experience working in halfway homes, notes Chron. Experienced individuals can help develop effective policies, regulations and rules. Official entities, such as the

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, offer templates that can be used for policy and operations manuals.