What Are the Requirements for a Section 8 Application?


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Section 8 housing is run by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, but application requirements are set by local public housing authorities and vary from state to state, as reported by HUD. In general, applicants must demonstrate that they are elderly, disabled or earn a low income.

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The HUD website directs section 8 applicants to their local public housing authority. Local public housing authorities are responsible for managing two kinds of housing subsidy: public housing and the housing choice voucher program. Interested applicants contact their local public housing authority to apply for a public housing vacancy or be placed on a waiting list.

In the housing choice voucher program, approved applicants receive a voucher from their local public housing authority and find an apartment, condo or house to rent on the private market, HUD reports. The monthly rent they pay is reduced by the value of the voucher, which is paid directly to the owner by the public housing authority. Those approved for a voucher are not limited to housing in the jurisdiction where they are approved. They can find housing anywhere in the United States. Voucher holders may also use their voucher to aid in the purchase of a first home. However, not all localities participate in the home ownership program, and some limit the size of the program.

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