What Are the Requirements for RN Nursing License Renewal?


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The requirements to renew a Registered Nurse license vary based on rules laid down by each state nursing board. Registered Nurses usually need to complete a specified number of hours in active patient care and show proof of continuing education to renew a RN license, reports the Lippincott Nursing Center.

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In some states, such as Georgia, Illinois and Maine, the renewal of a nurse's Registered Nurse license is a process that needs to be completed every two years, according to the Lippincott Nursing Center. Most states require the payment of a renewal fee. Some state nursing boards, such as the Kentucky Board of Nursing, requires compliance with one of several renewal criteria, such as 14 approved contact hours of nursing care, the completion of a research project in nursing as the project's principal investigator, or the development of a nursing education presentation or course, explains the Kentucky Board of Nursing .

Other requirements to renew an RN license can include passing a board-approved certification in a nursing specialization or participation in approved professional activities, as is the case in Minnesota, notes the Lippincott Nursing Center. The state of Wisconsin requires applicants to take a nursing survey, report the status of their residency, and pay a renewal fee, according to the state's Department of Safety and Professional Services.

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