What are the requirements for putting a home for sale in Detroit?


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Before selling a home in Detroit, homeowners need to fill out paperwork such as a sales contract and disclosure forms, according to SF Gate. Copies of important documents such as title deeds and surveys are also necessary to ensure the legality of the process.

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Although the paperwork is important, the seller also has to prepare the house for sale, according to SF Gate. The seller needs to make any necessary repairs to ensure that the house makes a good impression. Necessary maintenance activities include cleaning the gutters, replacing blown out bulbs, removing weeds, painting and removing any unnecessary items, such as furniture.

To get the best price out of a house, marketing is very important. Certain websites offer a variety of such services, but other methods of marketing include placing an advertisement in the newspaper, printing out fliers with attractive pictures of the house and placing a for-sale sign on the property, according to SF Gate.

Selling a home without involving a real estate agent has its advantages and downsides, as explained by SF Gate. One of the advantages is that homeowners save money because they do not have to pay out a commission, which averages around 6 percent of the sale. Owners also maintain more control over the sale, which enables them to decide who views the property, and they also enjoy more power during negotiations.

On the downside, the level of work involved in preparing the paperwork to ensure that the sale follows all the necessary procedures is significant, according to SF Gate. More work for the owner also comes in the form of marketing.

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