What Are the Requirements for a PLS Payday Loan?


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The requirements for a PLS payday loan are having a bank account, a checkbook and photo identification, according to PLS. An applicant must also have a recent pay stub to verify employment and income.

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There is no credit check required for a payday loan, notes PLS. PLS just needs to check the applicant's bank account to ensure that he is not overdrawn and that he gets regular deposits of paychecks. The checkbook is needed because a check is written to PLS for the amount being borrowed. In most cases, the applicant pays PLS before the check is cashed. The check is voided once the payday loan is paid. If the loan is not paid off, PLS reserves the right to keep attempting to cash the check.

Like other payday loans, this loan is for one to two weeks, according to PLS. The amount of time depends on how often the applicant is paid. If he is paid bi-weekly, the payday loan is good for two weeks. People who are self-employed are approved as long as their bank accounts show regular income and that they have checkbooks. PLS does not offer online payday loans; applicants must visit their local PLS stores. These stores are located in Alabama, Illinois, California, Mississippi, Texas, Wisconsin and Indiana.

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