What are some requirements of physical therapy?


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Becoming a physical therapist involves completing a doctorate degree program and obtaining a license, according to Study.com. Though not necessary, certification is crucial for physical therapists who intend to further their physical therapy career. On top of the educational and licensure requirements, a physical therapist should possess passion and interpersonal skills, which are essential for handling people with physical problems.

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The doctorate program runs for a minimum of three years and covers biomechanics, human anatomy, neurological dysfunction management and musculoskeletal system pathology, among other courses, notes Study.com. The program may also involve hands-on clinical courses and clinical internships. The requirements for enrolling for the program include a bachelor's degree and physical therapy volunteer or observation experience. Completing science prerequisite courses and passing the Graduate Record Examination are also requirements for enrolling for the program. Upon successful completion of the program, an aspiring physical therapist receives a doctorate degree award.

The licensing requirements vary from one state to another, states Study.com. Generally, getting licensed involves acquiring the doctorate degree and passing the National Physical Therapy Exam. Depending on the state, an aspiring physical therapist may have to pass a jurisprudence test prior to getting the license. Upon acquisition of the license, some states may require their practicing physical therapists to complete continuing education courses after a certain time interval for maintaining the licensure.

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