What Are the Requirements to Get a Nursing Job With an Insurance Company?


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Many of the requirements for a nursing job with an insurance company revolve around the possession of the appropriate medical training and certification from the state's nursing board, as well as a minimum amount of experience working in the field. Some insurance companies may also include additional requirements such as the ability to travel or specialize in a specific area, such as physical rehabilitation.

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Each insurance company maintains its own set of job descriptions for its various nursing positions, meaning that the specific requirements frequently vary between companies and roles. One common factor is medical training, which typically begins by requiring that applicants have some form of degree in the field, with some holding strict standards for the issuing institution. Most insurance companies also require nurses to have current certification with the appropriate nursing board for the state in which they wish to practice. Each state has its own requirements for certification, which include different amounts of education and practical experience.

Depending on the role, the insurance company many also seek applicants with experience working as a nurse in a practical setting, such as at a clinic or hospital. Certain roles may emphasis specific skills, such as a medical specialty or knowledge of insurance practices. Some insurance companies also require nurses to travel to the homes of patients, meaning that they may need to have a dedicated mode of transportation.

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