What Requirements Are Needed to Enter the SWAT Team Training Program?


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To be accepted into a Special Weapons and Tactics team training program, applicants must serve as a police officer an average of one to three years, be good with firearms and pass a physical and psychological exam. Additional requirements include an extensive background check, and possibly an interview before a review board. Police departments with SWAT teams set their own requirements, and interested officers can check with local departments to find out more information.

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Being a member of a SWAT team is a high-risk occupation that requires a good record of police conduct and earning the respect of peers. SWAT team training is physically demanding, and applicants undergo a rigorous physical test. A good way to prepare for the physical portion of the test is to create a workout routine that includes running, sprinting, calisthenics and weightlifting. Good physical strength, quickness and speed is needed to pass. Some SWAT training programs require applicants to climb ropes and confidently navigate water tasks.

Other ways to prepare for SWAT team training are studying tactical operations commonly used in the field, and practicing shooting skills using a firearm. Standard SWAT team training exercises include learning to make high-risk arrests, practicing crowd control, clearing rooms and sniping. Trainees also run obstacle courses, practice rappelling from high places and learn negotiation techniques.

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