What Are the Requirements for a Narrow Lot in a Duplex?

Properties built on narrow lots should be at least two stories, meaning a narrow lot duplex has residences on the top and bottom instead of side by side. Zoning laws state that duplexes should be at least 2,500 square feet per unit, totaling 5,000 square feet per narrow lot. The front yard can be no longer than 20 feet, while the rear yard should be no less than 10 feet. Side yards should be at least 3 feet.

Duplexes on narrow lots must come equipped with two parking spaces per residence. These spaces should be covered, but narrow lots often prevent the construction of a garage. Instead, three-sided car ports are employed as parking solutions.

Duplexes on narrow lots are common in urban areas with dense populations. They are often custom built by families who need to take care of a relative, or by landlords who wish to make the most of a property by providing space for two tenants. Their floor plans are designed to maximize interior and exterior space. While these duplexes are not wide, they compensate in length.

Narrow lot homes range in size, and they can be found as either small residences or larger ones that offer four or more bedrooms. In the case of a duplex, the top and bottom floor provide separate living spaces that each include at least one bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and a living space. Despite the separate residence, duplexes are often modeled to look like one single-family home.