What Are Some Requirements for Ice Road Driving Jobs?

Requirements for an ice road truck driving job include truck driving school training, a commercial drivers license and a certain amount of truck driving experience. Many Canadian trucking companies prefer hiring Canadian citizens, but some do hire non-Canadian citizens. A work visa is required for non-Canadian citizens. Ice road truck driving requires road memorization and nerves of steel to drive in difficult road conditions.

Potential ice road truck drivers must participate in a one-week driver training program that involves driving on icy roads. This training is usually paid for by trucking companies associated with specific driver training schools. Non-Canadian drivers must be hired by a company in order to get a visa. The hiring process involves submitting an application to ice road trucking companies, undergoing a phone interview and being hired. The hiring company sends the driver a work petition, which must be presented to the Canadian embassy in the driver's home country.

Drivers need good memorization skills to memorize important details of the icy roadways on trucking routes. Some roadways cross frozen lakes, and drivers must utilize expert driving skills to maneuver trucks safely over all sorts of ice conditions. Additionally, drivers are required to obey road speed limits and to communicate regularly with other drivers about road conditions.