What Are the Requirements to Be a High School Coach?


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The basic requirements to be a high school coach include having an associate or bachelor’s degree, completing CPR and first aid training, and having a teaching certification in some cases. Schools also require the coach to go through background and drug testing before being hired.

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Aside from the background check, teaching credentials and bachelor’s degree, the high school coach should also have some on-the-job training. A coach needs to have certain skills, including excellent communication and leadership skills. A coach needs to be experienced with the sport he is teaching, or with different types of sports if he is also the school physical education teacher. Some courses a coach should have taken are physiology, physical education, sports science, kinesiology and general fitness.

High school coaches sometimes fill in for other classes, making the teaching certification and college degree helpful. The average salary for a coach and scout is about $29,150 a year, as of 2015. It is not uncommon for a high school coach to work more than a 40-hour work week between coaching duties and other teaching duties at the school. Coaches often work nights, weekends and holidays.

Some requirements vary by state. Some states have certain training programs that a person needs to complete before becoming a high school coach. Others have a certain coaching or physical education certificate a person must obtain.

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