What Are the Requirements for Most Heavy Duty Mechanic Jobs?

Industrial machinery mechanics and millwrights need a high school diploma and at least a year of training in the trade. Millwrights normally pass a four-year apprenticeship program or formally study at a two-year associate's degree program in industrial maintenance at a community college.

Industrial machinery mechanics maintain and repair industrial equipment and factory machinery while millwrights install them. With the increasing sophistication of industrial machines, employers prefer to hire workers with formal training in mathematics, mechanical drawing, blueprint reading, hydraulics, and computer programming and electronics. These skills allow mechanics to troubleshoot and solve a wider range of problems effectively. As of 2012, the median hourly pay was $22.04 or an annual salary of $45,840. Job prospects are good with employment opportunities expected to grow by 17 percent for the period from 2012 to 2022.