What Are the Requirements for Hazmat Training?


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Hazardous materials training requires general awareness and familiarization, safety, security and modal-specific training, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The law requires an employee to participate in an initial hazardous materials training before doing any work and take recurrent training every three years or any time his job function changes.

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General awareness and familiarization training is intended to help employees recognize and identify hazardous materials, states J.J. Keller Training on Demand. Safety training provides emergency response procedures and information on various measures, methods and materials used by an employee to protect himself from the hazardous materials he may be exposed to at work. It also teaches how to avoid accidents.

Hazardous materials pose certain transportation security risks, according to J.J. Keller Training on Demand. The security training requirement is designed to promote awareness of these risks, and it provides detailed information on security plans if the employer is required to have one. The security plan may include specific security procedures and specific security duties, responsibilities and actions for each employee if a security breach should take place. Hazardous materials training may also require modal-specific training specific to each mode of transportation, such as boats, semi-trucks, trains or planes.

Employees are also required to have a current record of completed training, notes the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The record must include the employee's name, the date the most recent training was completed, contact information for the individual who provided the training and certification that the employee passed the training tests.

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