What Are the Requirements for Getting Into Video Game Design?


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A career in video game design requires knowledge of computer programming, graphics and animation, creativity and knowledge of video game history and trends. Many game designers receive training at credentialed technical schools, though this is not always the case.

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Video games are essentially sophisticated computer programs, and most designers have substantial knowledge of computer programming. Designers write software that both presents information and responds to users’ input commands. Programming for different gaming platforms requires different skills, so designers must also have knowledge of each console’s operating system.

Graphics and animation are the other main aspects of video game design. Graphics refers to the static elements players see on the game screen, while animation refers the motion of the characters and objects in the game world. Game designers may also have training in visual art or graphic design in order to render concepts for games.

While programming can be taught at design schools, creative game design is a more innate talent. Designers need to be able to harness their imaginations to create innovative concepts that can be translated into engaging games. Most designers are dedicated gaming enthusiasts themselves, and substantial knowledge of the gaming field is typically expected of designers. Calling on both the history of gaming and developments in modern games, designers attempt to create new titles to engage players.

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