What Are the Requirements for Getting a Credit Card?


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Applicants for a credit card need to be at least 18 years old and have independent income or reasonable access to a partner's income, explains About.com. Factors that also help, especially in qualifying for lower interest rates, include a solid credit history and little debt.

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In some cases, a co-signer is required when an applicant is unable to qualify on his own, according to About.com. Co-signers must satisfy all credit card requirements and are responsible for paying the credit card balance if the applicant cannot. A secured credit card is another option for applicants who do not pass credit checks for a regular credit card. The requirement for obtaining a secured card that an applicant makes a deposit against his credit limit. If he makes payments on time and does not further damage his credit history, he might qualify for an unsecured credit card within a year.

The income of a credit card applicant needs to be high enough for the credit limit he requests, explains About.com. The income need not be full time; wages from a part-time job qualify. The income can also come in the form of access to a partner's earnings. While a good credit history helps applicants get lower rates, even people with bad credit qualify for some cards. Retail stores, in particular, grant credit cards only for use at their stores. They typically come with low credit limits and high interest rates.

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