What Are Some Requirements for Entry Level Jobs With United Airlines?


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The requirements for entry-level jobs with United Airlines vary depending on the department in which the job resides, though many require a high school diploma or bachelor's degree, fluency in English and minimum health levels to handle lifting luggage or other activities. Some positions may also require knowledge of specific computer programs or experience in the general field, such as mechanical knowledge for an entry-level technician job.

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United Airlines offers a wide range of entry-level positions at various locations, ranging from its corporate offices to various airports to which it offers service, with each position including requirements that reflect the core responsibilities and actions of the role. For example, one common entry-level position is for a Ramp Service Employee, which involves loading luggage and client cargo onto and off of planes. As such, the requirements primarily focus on the physical ability to perform actions such as lifting the luggage and moving it between locations, pushing hand carts or crouching down to reposition loads.

The company also offers entry-level customer service roles, many of which exist at airport terminals. These roles require proficiency in English and basic communication skills to allow the applicant to work with customers to process ticketing requests. It also requires applicants to hold at least a high school diploma or equivalent certification and have a flexible work schedule to allow for shifts at all hours, due to the nature of airline travel.

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