What Are the Requirements for Employment at Urgent Care Centers?


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There is no one set of requirements for employment at urgent care centers, as these businesses require the skills of many different types of professionals. Requirements for each individual type of position at an urgent care center vary considerably due to the many different professionals such businesses require.

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Most of the staff members of urgent care centers are medical professionals. Doctors are the main care providers, and their requirements are the most demanding. Doctors require about eight years of post-secondary education and several years of residency. Both licensed and practical nurses are also employed at urgent care centers, and these professionals usually require at least two years of school in addition to on-the-job training.

Nurse practitioners and physician assistants often find employment at urgent care centers. These professionals usually require between four and six years of post-secondary education. Other types of medical professionals include nurses' aides and medical assistants, who require only a few months of training to receive certifications.

Some of the personnel working in urgent care centers are support staff, who do not actually provide medical care to customers. Receptionists and office managers are two examples of support staff at urgent care centers. Because most urgent care centers are relatively small businesses, they rarely maintain in-house custodial or maintenance staff, but rather contract these tasks out to other companies.

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