Are There Any Requirements for Donating Furniture to Goodwill?

Goodwill Industries International accepts donations of all types of furniture and household items that have not been recalled or banned and that are in good condition; however, many locations don't accept mattresses. An item in good condition is free of rips, stains and tears and has all its parts in working order.

Goodwill abides by the recall and safety standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission and does not accept any items the Commission lists as unsafe. To review the list of banned and recalled items, visit To find the nearest Goodwill donation location, or to find out if a donation location offers donation pick-up services, visit

Donations of household items and clothing made to Goodwill Industries International are tax deductible. When Goodwill receives a donation, they provide the donor with a receipt. In order to use the tax deduction from donated items, the donor provides a valuation of his donated goods. Goodwill offers a donation valuation guide to assist donors at

Goodwill Industries International uses money made from selling donated items to fund job training, career counseling, resume preparation and other work-based programs. In 2013, Goodwill estimated that it used 83 percent of the revenue gained by reselling donated goods to fund such programs.