What Are the Requirements for a Company to Be an H1 B Sponsor for Employees?


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For a company to be qualified as a sponsor for an H1B visa, it must file a labor condition application with the U.S. Department of Labor. The employer must also petition for the H1B visa on behalf of the employee.

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An H1B visa is a type of immigration document that allows a foreign national to enter the United States and legally work for up to six years without applying for permanent or dual citizenship. For the employer to issue an H1B visa to an employee, the first step is to submit a labor condition application. This document outlines the type of work that is being offered to the employee and confirms that the business is not violating any labor or immigration laws.

After submitting the labor condition application, the employer must also file specific paperwork to make a bid on one of a limited number of H1B visas issued each year. The employer needs to establish a proper employer-employee relationship to verify that the foreign national is actually entering into a working situation and not entering into the country under false pretenses. There are also application fees, and the job must be a specialty occupation in a specific field of work.

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