What Are the Requirements for Being a Vendor at a Festival?


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For an individual to be a vendor at a festival, he should have a vendor's license or food handler's permit, a work vehicle, and food preparation and transportation equipment. The vendor may also require food vendor's insurance, which typically depends on the type and geographical location of the vending business.

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The vendor's license or food handler's permit gives the vendor permission to sell food at festivals. If the vendor owns a restaurant that provides catering services during small events, he should acquire a one- to two-day temporary permit that allows him to offer the service at the event. The permit can be applied through the event coordinator. Alternatively, the coordinator may refer the vendor to the relevant agency that grants such a permit. License, on the other hand, is appropriate for a food vending business starter whose intention is to travel and serve various festivals and can be obtained from the local health department.

The work vehicle helps the vendor transport his items to event locations and should be an appropriate size. For instance, a catering truck equipped with a kitchen is appropriate for a full-time vendor. The food preparation and transportation equipment may include hard plastic coolers, thermal bags, food storage equipment and serving containers. The equipment must conform to the regulation and guidelines of the state health department.

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