What Are the Requirements for Becoming a Coach?

High school coaches are typically required to have a Bachelor's degree, a state teaching certification and CPR training. Coaches are also required to take a drug test, and a background check is usually performed. Although not mandatory, the best coaches possess innate leadership and communication skills in order to advise and develop young players, both physically and mentally. Coaches are very important in the overall growth of a young individual's life.

A majority of high school sports coaches are physical education teachers. Physical education teachers match well with being sports coaches because they are well-trained in the area of physical activities. School districts also hire teachers as sports coaches. Teachers are used to educating and know how to instruct kids, hence the two roles can easily be paired.

Most high schools hire coaches who have participated in the sport they want to coach. CPR training and first aid training are very important because accidents happen, and coaches need to know how to properly handle any given situation.

Volunteering as an assistant coach can increase the chances of a candidate's eventually being hired as a coach. Not only does volunteering help a candidate become familiar with players, but it also helps to develop the leadership skills needed to coach.