What Are the Requirements to Become a Cosmetology Teacher?


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The requirements to become a cosmetology teacher are the completion of a cosmetology training program, obtainment of a cosmetology license, a certain number of years' worth of experience, and instructor training and certification. Each state has different licensing requirements regarding the issuance of a cosmetology license, but this is the general protocol.

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The first step toward becoming a cosmetology teacher is completing a cosmetology training program and receiving either a certification or an associate degree, depending on the program. Cosmetology teachers are required to have one or the other. After graduating, the next step is to complete the state's requirements for licensing in cosmetology. Some states also require cosmetology instructors to obtain separate licenses.

After completing cosmetology training, the next step toward becoming a cosmetology teacher is to gain real-life working experience. Some states requires cosmetologists to have a certain number of years' worth of experience working professionally in the field before they can apply for teacher certification.

Once accepted into a cosmetology teacher training program, a student must complete a certain number of hours of training before she is eligible to take the written and practical instructor examinations. The amount of training hours varies from state to state, but is typically around 1,000. After passing the examinations, the last step toward becoming a cosmetology teacher is to apply for a job as one.

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