What Are the Requirements When Applying for Hot Shot Driving Jobs?

Some common requirements for hot shot truck driving jobs include having a clean vehicle record, few to no safety violations, and possessing a commercial driving license. Other requirements often include the availability to work nights and weekends and the ability to pass a Department of Transportation physical examination.

Hot shot trucking refers to a type of freight transportation wherein the cargo is often taken directly from the manufacturer and quickly delivered to its destination. As such, one common requirement for hot shot truck driver jobs is an open schedule that enables the driver to take jobs whenever necessary. This frequently includes making deliveries at night and on weekends. The expedient nature of hot shot truck driving also requires a strong level of safety knowledge, as well as a driving record free of serious infractions or frequent incidents.

Most hot shot trucking jobs also require the driver to hold a commercial drivers license. Some employers may ask drivers to have a minimum amount of trucking experience, while others ask applicants have the commercial drivers licence for a certain number of years. The Department of Transpiration has many regulations that relate to the use of drugs and alcohol, along with general physical conditions, so some employers make compliance with these rules mandatory.