What Are the Requirements When Applying for a Capital Finance Auto Loan?

The requirements to apply for a Capital Finance auto loan include a valid ID, pay stubs, vehicle insurance confirmation and a utility bill, according to the official website. Self-employed applicants should provide a tax return not older than 18 months.

Applicants for a Capital Finance car loan can submit a loan application regardless of whether they have already chosen a vehicle, notes the website. The first step in obtaining a loan is determining an amount to borrow and selecting a repayment period. After receiving all necessary documents, Capital Finance requires a credit check to evaluate the payment behavior of a borrower.

After buying a vehicle, submit a copy of the signed car's contract of sale to Capital Finance, instructs the website. The company sends an email that confirms formal approval of the loan and contains documents that must be signed. The borrower can send the documents through email, fax or postal mail.

To pay Capital Finance loan installments, use direct debit by completing and sending the direct debit authority form via email, fax or postal mail, states the website. Another payment method is to contact Capital Finance's customer service representatives by calling 1300 300 309 and choosing option three to verify personalized BPAY reference numbers. Option two allows customers to find out the current balance of their loans.