What Are Some Requirements for Apartment Maintenance Jobs?


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Requirements for apartment maintenance worker jobs may include knowledge of plumbing, electrical wiring and general home repair techniques in addition to the ability to monitor the needs of the apartment itself, such as painting the walls or landscaping a common area. Depending on the weather, the jobs may also require shoveling snow or ensuring protection against rain.

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Most of an apartment maintenance worker's responsibilities focus on technical repairs, with plumbing being among the most common. The maintenance worker visits units to perform tasks such as unclogging toilets or replacing the fixtures on a leaking kitchen sink as well as conducting regular inspections on the shared systems. The job may also call for electrical work on the units such as replacing a burnt-out fuse or repairing a faulty wire. Other home maintenance tasks may include fixing appliances, patching holes in drywall, changing carpets and replacing broken windows.

Apartment maintenance worker jobs sometimes require grounds maintenance, which varies depending on the size and layout of the apartment. Outdoor communities may feature lawns and plants that need watering, while indoor units may have heating and cooling systems to maintain. Buildings in cold areas also need special winterization care to avoid heat leakage and damage to the building. The jobs may also require filing out forms to track work and the management of supplies and resources.

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