What Are the Requirements to Be an Airport Screener?


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The requirements to become an airport security screener typically include being a U.S. citizen or legal resident, passing a criminal background check and possessing a high school diploma or equivalent certification. Applicants may also need to meet minimum health requirements, in order to handle lifting luggage, and pass other communication and observation tests.

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Airport security screeners are entry-level positions that typically do not require any additional training or experience, though this can increase the odds of obtaining a position within a competitive location. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and possess a minimum of a high school diploma as well as have the legal right to work within the country. After submitting an application, the candidate may need to submit to a background check to look for any past incarcerations or other legal matters that could compromise his ability to function on the job. Similarly, the job may also call for a health assessment to check for physical fitness and the ability to handle the requirements of the job.

Applicants generally need to speak English fluently and pass a communications test, which may check for the ability to convey and interpret various types of information. Some airports may also require applicants to take a vision test to make sure they are able to properly identify any hazardous materials or other violations to travel laws. In some areas, airports may also look for agents with a proficiency in another language, such as at an international airport.

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