What Is Required to Be a Reiki Healer?


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Reiki healers do not require formal certification to practice, but there is some specific knowledge must acquire to perform the hand motions and placements that are traditionally associated with this form of Eastern medicine folk healing. The practice of Reiki involves the laying of hands on a person's body in order to manage and promote what Reiki practitioners refer to as "life force energy," which is said to relieve stress and other negative symptoms, as reported by the International Center for Reiki Training. Individuals who wish to practice Reiki healing must simply know where to place their hands in accordance with traditional Reiki practice.

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Aspiring Reiki healers do not require any previous training or knowledge to receive Reiki training, notes International Center for Reiki Training. Reiki arguably focuses more on spiritualism and faith than science and does not have a large base of knowledge or intellectual requirement for healers to gain expertise in the practice. Interested individuals can take Reiki classes at a variety of locations, such as alternative health care practices. These classes typically cover additional information, such as traditional Reiki symbols in addition to the specifics of the laying of hands. Some classes may also cover distance healing and other associated topics.

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